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Tennis Ball

We have open slots for adults in the morning or at lunch time on weekdays at Victoria Park and at the Hong Kong Tennis Center .We welcome all levels! Beginner to advanced players. See you on the courts!


We have open slots for kids from 3 years old at Victoria Park and at the Hong Kong Tennis Center .We welcome all levels! Beginner to advanced players.



Elevate Your Forehand: Mastering Technique for Tennis Success

The forehand is a fundamental shot in tennis, carrying immense potential to dictate rallies and dominate points. To unleash the full power and precision of your forehand, mastering the following key elements is essential:

1. Good Footwork
Effective footwork is the foundation of a powerful forehand. Ensure you position yourself correctly by moving towards the ball with small, quick steps. Stay light on your feet to adjust to varying ball trajectories and generate explosive power through your shots.

2. Balance
Maintaining balance throughout your forehand stroke is crucial for consistency and control. Keep your body aligned and centered as you prepare for and execute the shot. Shift your weight smoothly from your back foot to your front foot to transfer energy efficiently and deliver a strong, well-balanced stroke.

3. Use of Opposite Arm
Engage your non-hitting arm (usually the left arm for right-handed players) to enhance your forehand technique. Use your opposite arm to help rotate your torso, coil your body for added power, and maintain stability during the swing. Focus on keeping your non-hitting arm extended and pointing towards the target to optimize your stroke mechanics.

4. Contact Point Out in Front
The timing and placement of your contact point are critical for a successful forehand. Strive to make contact with the ball slightly in front of your body, ideally around waist level or slightly higher. This optimal contact point allows you to fully extend through the shot, maximize racket acceleration, and achieve clean, precise ball contact for increased pace and spin.

By honing your footwork, maintaining balance, leveraging your opposite arm, and focusing on a forward contact point, you can elevate your forehand technique to new heights. Consistent practice, feedback from coaches, and a keen focus on these core principles will sharpen your forehand and unlock your full potential on the tennis court.

Master the art of the forehand, and watch your game soar to new levels of precision, power, and performance!

Contact us if you want to join a private or a group lesson at Hong Kong Tennis Center with one of our tennis coaches.



Four main types of tennis court surfaces

When it comes to tennis, the playing surface can significantly impact the game, strategy, and player performance. Let's dive into the four main types of tennis court surfaces and explore the pros and cons of each:

Grass Courts
- Speedy Play:Grass courts are known for their fast play, making for quick rallies and exciting matches.
- Classic Charm:Wimbledon, the most prestigious tennis tournament, is played on grass courts, adding a touch of tradition and elegance.
- High Maintenance: Grass courts require meticulous upkeep, including frequent mowing and irrigation.
- Slippery Surface: Players may struggle with footing on grass, especially in damp conditions.

Clay Courts
- Slower Pace: Clay courts offer a slower game tempo, allowing players more time to set up shots and strategize.
- Player-Friendly:The soft surface reduces the risk of injuries and is easier on the joints compared to harder courts.
- Challenging Movement:Sliding on clay requires unique footwork and can be tricky for players unfamiliar with the surface.
- Maintenance Intensive: Clay courts need regular watering and grooming to maintain their optimal playing condition.

Hard Courts
- Versatile Play: Hard courts provide a balanced playing experience, catering to both power hitters and defensive players.
- All-Weather Usage: Unlike clay or grass, hard courts can withstand various weather conditions, allowing year-round play.
- Impact on Joints: The harder surface of hard courts can put added stress on players' joints and lead to a higher risk of injury.
- Slower Than Grass:While faster than clay courts, hard courts may not offer the same speed advantage as grass surfaces.

Artificial Turf Courts

- *onsistent Play:Artificial turf provides a stable and consistent playing surface, without the variations of natural grass or clay.
- Low Maintenance:Compared to natural grass, artificial turf courts require minimal maintenance and are more durable.
- Speed Variation: Artificial turf can have a different feel and bounce compared to traditional grass or clay courts, requiring players to adjust their game.
- Heat Retention:In hot climates, artificial turf may retain heat, making it uncomfortable for players during peak hours.

Understanding the characteristics of each tennis court surface can help players adapt their playing style, tactics, and training regimen to excel across all environments. Whether you prefer the speed of grass, the consistency of hard courts, the strategy of clay, or the reliability of artificial turf, each surface offers a unique challenge and opportunity for players to showcase their skills.

In Hong Kong, most tennis courts are hard courts and artificial turf courts because it requires less maintenance and it is more durable.

Contact us if you want to join a private or group lesson at Hong Kong Tennis Center with one of our tennis coaches.



Mastering Tennis: The Key to Success

Tennis is a strategic sport that demands focus and precision. To elevate your performance on the court, there are two essential factors to consider: listening to your coach and maintaining unwavering focus during training sessions, whether it be a private lesson or a group session.

Whether through private lessons or group sessions, attentively listen your tennis coach and implement his advice to refine your techniques and enhance your gameplay. Embrace your tennis coach's expertise and watch your skills reach new heights.

In the world of tennis, concentration is key. Whether in a private lesson or within a group session, block out distractions, hone in on the task at hand, and immerse yourself fully in the training session. By maintaining a high level of focus, you can improve your footwork, your groundstrokes, your serve, master tactics, and ultimately excel in your matches.


Contact us if you want to join a private or group lesson at Hong Kong Tennis Center with one of our tennis coaches.



Tennis Lessons for Competition Players in Hong Kong

For aspiring competition players in Hong Kong, seeking professional coaching and guidance is crucial to improving your game and reaching your full potential.  Olympic Tennis HK experienced coaches offer personalized lessons at Hong Hong Tennis Center or Victoria Park. Classes are tailored to the player's skill level and goals, focusing on technical skills, strategy development, mental toughness, and physical conditioning.

These lessons not only enhance players' on-court performance but also instill discipline, resilience, and a competitive spirit that are essential for success in tennis competitions. Olympic Tennis HK coaches work closely with players to identify areas for improvement, provide constructive feedback, and develop a strategic game plan to excel in matches and tournaments.

Tennis Training for Kids and Adults to Play Tournaments:

Engaging in tennis training programs designed for kids and adults preparing for tournaments helps participants build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge essential for competitive play. Olympic tennis HK training sessions cover various aspects of the game, including stroke mechanics, footwork, match tactics, and physical fitness.

For kids, Olympic Tennis HK tennis training programs focus on developing fundamental skills, fostering a love for the sport, and instilling valuable life lessons such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance.

Adult training programs cater to players looking to elevate their game, refine their technique, and compete in local or regional tournaments.

Whether you are a budding junior player aiming to excel in competitive matches or an adult player seeking to test your skills in tournaments, the Olympic Tennis HK training programs in Hong Kong offer a pathway to success. By investing time and effort into honing your craft, staying committed to training, and embracing the challenges of competition, you can elevate your game and realize your full potential on the tennis court.

With a passion for tennis, a growth mindset, and a commitment to continuous improvement, our tennis coaches can take your game to new heights and make a mark in the vibrant and competitive world of tennis competitions. 

Screenshot_20240323-170344_Photos (1).jpg


Staying Cool and Safe: Tips for Playing Tennis in Hot and Humid Hong Kong

Hong Kong's hot and humid weather can pose a challenge for tennis enthusiasts, but with the right gear and precautions, you can enjoy the game while staying comfortable and safe. Here are some tips on what to wear and what to do when you have tennis private or group lessons or playing matches in the scorching heat and humidity of Hong Kong:


1. Lightweight and Breathable Fabrics:  opt for tennis apparel made from moisture-wicking and breathable materials like polyester or nylon. These fabrics help to wick away sweat and keep you cool during intense rallies.
2. Light-Colored Attire: Choose light-colored clothing to reflect the sunlight and heat, rather than absorbing it. Light colors like white or pastels can help keep you cooler on the court.
3. UV Protection: Wear clothing with built-in UV protection to shield your skin from the sun's harmful rays. Long-sleeved shirts and skirts or shorts with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) are ideal for extended play under the sun.


1. Sweat-Wicking Headbands and Wristbands: Keep sweat out of your eyes and off your hands with moisture-wicking headbands and wristbands. They help you maintain a firm grip on your racket and stay focused during your match.
2. Sun Protection Gear: Don't forget to wear a wide-brimmed hat or visor to shield your face and eyes from direct sunlight. Apply a sweat-proof sunscreen with high SPF to protect your skin from sunburn.


1. Drink Plenty of Water: Stay hydrated before, during, and after your tennis session. Bring a reusable water bottle and take regular water breaks to prevent dehydration and heat-related illnesses.
2. Electrolyte Replacement:  In extreme heat and humidity, consider hydrating with sports drinks that replenish electrolytes lost through sweating. This helps maintain your body's fluid balance and energy levels.

Playing Tips:

1. Take Breaks: Listen to your body and take short breaks between games or sets to cool down and catch your breath. Find shaded areas on the court to rest and recover during intense play.
2. Modify Playing Hours: Schedule your tennis private lessons, group lessons or matches during cooler times of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon, to avoid the peak heat hours. Playing in the evening can also reduce sun exposure and heat stress.

By following these tips on what to wear and what to do when playing tennis in hot and humid Hong Kong, you can stay cool, safe, and enjoy the game while minimizing the risk of heat-related issues. Remember to prioritize your well-being and have fun on the tennis court during tennis lessons or matches despite the challenging weather conditions. 

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Elevate your tennis game this Easter holiday at the Hong Kong Tennis Center! 

Join our exciting tennis camps for players of all levels and ages - from beginners looking to learn the basics to advanced players aiming to perfect their skills. Our experienced coaches will provide expert training, personalized feedback, and fun drills to help you reach your full potential on the court.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to improve your game, make new friends, and have a blast on the tennis court this Easter! 

Sign up now to secure your spot and take your tennis skills to the next level! 



Private tennis lessons offer numerous advantages compared to group lessons. One of the main benefits is the personalized attention and tailored coaching that a private lesson provides.


The instructor can focus solely on the individual's strengths and weaknesses, creating a customized training plan to address specific areas of improvement. This one-on-one attention helps players progress at their own pace, leading to faster skill development and overall improvement in their game. Additionally, private lessons allow for a more in-depth analysis of techniques, strategies, and game tactics, enabling the player to refine their skills more effectively.


The immediate feedback and guidance from a private coach also enhance motivation, confidence, and commitment to the sport. Ultimately, private tennis lessons provide a focused and individualized approach to training, leading to accelerated progress and mastery of the game. 

Contact Olympic Tennis HK if you want to have a private lesson with one of our international coach at Hong Kong Tennis Center, at an other tennis club, or at your private place.



Start your day with a fulfilling and energizing private tennis lesson before heading to work. Our state-of-the-art facility offers weekday morning sessions, allowing you to make the most of your schedule.

At Olympic Tennis HK, we take pride in providing top-notch international tennis coaches who are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced player aiming to fine-tune your skills, our coaches will tailor the private lessons to suit your individual needs and goals.

Don't let your busy workday halt your passion for tennis. Our convenient morning slots ensure that you can have an invigorating workout, hone your technique, and boost your performance, all before stepping foot into the office. Imagine starting your day on the court, improving your game, and feeling rejuvenated for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Take advantage of our private lessons and take your tennis skills to new heights. Experience the personal attention and guidance that can only come with one-on-one coaching. Start your weekday mornings off right - join us at the Hong Kong Tennis Center for an exclusive and enriching tennis journey. Book your private lessons now! 



Welcome to Olympic Tennis HK, where we bring the love of tennis and the joy of learning together for kids in Hong Kong! We offer dynamic group lessons that not only focus on skill development but also create an atmosphere of fun and excitement.


Our group lessons are designed to nurture your child's tennis skills while fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. We understand the importance of social interaction and learning from peers, so our classes are structured to encourage friendly competition, cooperation, and mutual support.


We firmly believe that learning should be both educational and enjoyable. Our experienced and enthusiastic instructors incorporate a range of engaging activities and games into our lessons to keep kids motivated and energized. We strive to create an environment where every child looks forward to attending our sessions and develops a genuine passion for tennis.


We understand the importance of convenience for busy families. That is why we offer after-school group lessons, allowing your child to engage in an enriching activity right after their school day ends. Our program not only ensures productive use of their free time but also provides a platform for your child to make new friends who share similar interests.

At Hong Kong Tennis Center, we are committed to offering an exceptional tennis experience for kids through group lessons that are educational, interactive, and incredibly fun. Join us today and watch your child grow in both skill and confidence, all while embracing the exciting world of tennis!

Contact us now to enroll your child in our group lessons or to learn more about our programs. We can't wait to welcome your little ones to our vibrant tennis community!



Looking for an invigorating morning workout that caters to all tennis skill levels? Look no further! Our adult tennis lessons are designed to give you a dynamic start to your day while accommodating players of every level.

Our dedicated instructors understand the unique needs of adult learners and create a supportive environment where you can refine your skills, improve your technique, and boost your fitness levels.

Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate player, or an advanced competitor, our lessons will cater to your individual abilities and goals. From mastering the fundamentals to honing advanced strategies, we'll guide you every step of the way.

Join us for an adrenaline-pumping workout that will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day. Reserve your spot in our adult tennis lessons now!

Unleash your potential and achieve your fitness goals on the tennis court.

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Looking for a fun and productive after-school activity? Join our group tennis lessons at the Hong Kong Tennis Center! Our experienced coaches will help you improve your skills while making new friends and having a great time. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your game to the next level!



Our annual Christmas Tennis Camps are the perfect way for kids to spend their school holiday break! With sessions available for all skill levels, our experienced coaches will provide fun drills and games to improve your child's tennis skills. The camps are open to all ages and will help your child develop sportsmanship, teamwork, and a love for the game.

20231102_171836 (1).jpg


Come and join Olympic Tennis HK for group tennis lessons. Our program caters to all skill levels, whether you're a beginner or an advanced player. Our committed coaches are here to assist you in improving your abilities. We also provide specialized training for students at the French International School. At Olympic Tennis HK, we believe tennis is more than just a game - it's a way of life. Join our community of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for tennis. Our inclusive environment fosters camaraderie and enriches your tennis experience. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, we invite you to join our tennis community at Olympic Tennis HK for a journey of skill development, unforgettable moments, and lifelong friendships.



Taking a tennis lesson early in the morning can be an excellent way to kickstart your day! Not only does it provide a great workout, but it can also increase your energy levels and set a positive tone for the rest of your day.

First and foremost, tennis is a fun and engaging sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, a tennis lesson can be tailored to your specific needs and goals. Your coach will work with you to improve your skills, refine your technique and help you get the most out of your game.

In addition to the physical benefits of tennis, it can also have a positive impact on your mental health. The focus and concentration required to play tennis can help to clear your mind and reduce stress levels. Plus, the social aspect of playing with others can boost your mood and increase feelings of connection and community.

So, whether you’re looking to improve your tennis game, get in a good workout or simply start your day off on the right foot, a tennis lesson early in the morning can be a great way to achieve your goals!



At Olympic Tennis HK, we strive to provide top-notch private tennis lessons for adults who want to take their game to the next level. Our instructors have years of experience teaching players of all levels, and we are proud to offer a broad range of services to suit each person's unique needs. We have daily morning classes, so fitting in another hour for a tennis lesson is easy! As well as this, we organize and promote tournaments regularly, providing opportunities for our students to test their skills against fellow players.



At Olympic Tennis HK, we believe that tennis should be a fun and welcoming sport for everyone. That’s why we focus on not only improving your skills, but also creating a warm and friendly environment where our students can learn from one another. With group lessons and private lessons available, we’re dedicated to finding the right fit for your level and lifestyle. Come learn the finer points of this great sport in the company of other enthusiastic players!



At Olympic Tennis HK, we understand that everyone has different preferences for learning. That's why we offer both group and private lessons to suit your needs. Our talented coaches are available to help you improve your tennis skills through personalized attention, feedback, and training. Whether you prefer the one-on-one attention of a private lesson or the social atmosphere of a group lesson, we have the perfect option for you. Contact us today to book your lesson and experience the difference in your game with Olympic Tennis HK.



Respect is a key aspect to gaining value from a tennis lesson. Listening to the instructor during the lesson is essential to improving. Group lessons are great for gaining respect as they provide an opportunity to learn from the instructor and each other. Focusing on the instructor’s instructions and being respectful of others in the group will create a positive environment for learning. Respect for the instructor and other players is essential to getting the most out of a tennis lesson. Taking the time to focus on the instructor's words and advice will help to improve each player's game.



Olympic Tennis HK provides tennis lessons for kids of all ages and abilities. Our coaches are dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential in the sport. From beginners to advanced players, our coaches use a combination of drills, technique, and games to help students improve their skills while having fun.

During our holiday camp, we had a great week of tennis lessons and activities. The kids had the opportunity to make new friends and learn from the best coaches in the game. After the camp, we have seen a lot of improvements.

20230802_170822 (1).jpg


Playing tennis in hot weather can be a challenge, but there are a few ways to make it more enjoyable and comfortable. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks. Wear a lightweight, breathable cap and sunglasses to protect your head and eyes from the sun. Apply sunscreen before and during your tennis lesson to prevent sunburn. If it's too hot to play, take a break and find a shady spot to rest and cool off. With the right precautions, you can enjoy a fun and safe game of tennis in warm weather.

20230802_173315 (2)_edited.jpg


Our tennis lessons at the Hong Tennis Center are a great way to have fun with friends while learning the fundamentals of the sport. We offer both private and group lessons for all ages, so you can enjoy the social aspect of the game. Our tennis academy is designed to foster a fun learning environment and help you become the best player you can be.



What is the best time to train your tennis?

Some players prefer to train in the morning, at lunch-time, in the afternoon, or in the evening.

It depends on what your biological clock suggests, your work schedule, and if you  prefer to play when it is warm and sunny, or cool and in the  shade .

Tennis lesson in the morning is a great way to start the day.  It will give you physical, energy, and humoral charge for the rest of  your day.

Contact our tennis academy if you are looking for private or group lessons with a professional coach on Hong Kong Island.





Do you have a kid who is looking for a new sport?

if yes, come join our tennis lesson at Hong Kong Tennis Center!

We have class for a all ages and all levels! 

You will learn stance, grip, basic strokes, we use skill building drills and you will play actual games against fellow classmates.




Great session last night with our teenagers at Hong Kong Tennis Center!

They improved a lot and had fun!

All our group tennis classes enable each student to train and work on their skills in a structured and fun environment with players of similar ability.

Contact us if you are looking for after school activities for your kids.




Ready to serve?

Bring your technique to the next level with us!

Our tennis academy provides tennis coaching for all levels on Hong Kong Island.





Early lesson is a perfect way to start the day!

Contact us to book a lesson with one of our international tennis coaches.





Coach Tim teaches his student to drop his racquet head under the ball to generate more topspin on his two handed backhand.Contact our tennis academy if you are looking for private or group lessons on Hong Kong Island.



Our orange ball players improve a lot during our Easter camp at Hong Kong Tennis Center.Group lesson is a great way to improve groundstrokes and make new friends!Our tennis academy organizes tennis camp during school holidays and provide weekly group lessons throw the year on public courts and private residence at Hong Kong Island.



During our easter camp, our competition players had a lot drills to improve their forhand, backgand, volley, serve and footwork, and they did lot of match practice situation to be ready to play tournaments.Our tennis academy provides group and private lesson every day on public court and private residence on Hong Kong Island.



Who is the fastest?Warm up during our collective class at Hong Kong Tennis Center.Our tennis academy provides group and private lesson every day on public court and private residence on Hong Kong Island.



Our tennis academy provides private lesson for adult and kids for all levels.Contact us if you want to learn the basics or improve your game!



Coach Tim playing the tournament of Hong Kong Country Club ITF Spring Masters!🎾🎾🎾



Great serve practice session with these two competition players at Hong Kong Tennis Center!🎾🎾We coach players of all levels at our tennis academy.



Our orange ballers improve a lot with coach Tim at Hong Kong Tennis Center!🎾🎾Group lesson is a great way to improve in a fun environment and makes new friends!



Our tennis academy organizes match training session with our teenagers at Hong Kong Tennis Center!🎾🎾Now let's play tournaments!💪



Improve your technique with us! We offer private lessons for all levels and ages!🎾🎾



Our orange and yellow ballers enjoy learning tennis with their friends during Christmas holidays! 🎾🎾



Looking for private lessons in the morning or at lunch time?We have open slots for all levels at Hong Kong Tennis Center.🎾🎾



Join our Christmas tennis camp!



Great mid-term camp! We had a lot of fun!Our tennis academy organizes tennis camps during school holidays for kids of all level and all ages.



Join our mid-term camp at Hong Kong Tennis Center!



Our little stars had a fun warm-up with coach Tim at Hong Kong Tennis Center near Happy Valley.



Great first week of Summer Camps



No school today? Let's play tennis!We provide group and private lesson at Hong Kong Tennis Center near Happy Valley.



Our students are happy to be back on court! Join our tennis club in Hong Kong!


December, 2021

Join our tennis camps at the Hong Kong Tennis Center!


December, 2021

Kids had a lot of fun and improved a lot! Can't wait the next tennis camps!


October, 2021

Join our tennis camps at the Hong Kong Tennis Center!


October, 2021

Kids had a lot of fun and improved a lot! Can't wait the next tennis camps!



Our orange ballers had a lot of fun today



Our yellow ballers are back in action at HKTC!Our tennis academy provides lesson for players of all ages and levels in English and French.



Our last week of camps!



2nd week of camps!Our tennis club organizes tennis camps during school holidays for all ages and levels



1st week of summer camp.



Working on serve with our teenagers!



Fantastic 2nd week of Easter camp!


April ,2021

Great 1st week of Easter camp!



Happy to be back on court!



Hong Kong sport facilities are closed due to covid-19.
Stay safe and see you soon on court!



Looking for Christmas activities for kids?
We organize tennis camps at Hong Kong Tennis Center!

December, 2020

Christmas season is coming soon!

Join our tennis camps and improve with fun!

Tennis Camps


Great 2nd week of tennis camps at the Hong Kong tennis Center!
Looking forward next camps at Christmas!


October, 2020

Join our tennis camps at the Hong Kong Tennis Center!


October, 2020

Kids had a lot of fun and improved a lot! Can't wait the next tennis camps!

September, 2020

We are very happy to be back on the court for the season 2020/2021!

Let's improve our game and have fun!


July, 2020

Tennis courts are closed? No problem! Olympic Tennis HK stays active and teaches mini tennis and fitness at Victoria Park. Come to join us!


Avril, 2020

🐍Coaching next to the HK jungle at the Hong Kong Tennis Center!🐒After a stressfull day at work come play tennis with us surrounded by a beautiful holiday lanscape!🏝🏖🌞🌈🎾🎾🎾🎾



Our little tennis stars at Victoria park!

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