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Our "10 and under" programs

Our junior program follows the "10 and under" youth progression pathway. 

We use different color tennis balls for the kids of 10 and under. And from 11 years old, they play with standard tennis balls (yellow).

We use larger, slower tennis balls and smaller courts based on the player's age.

The balls are easier to hit, so kids see an immediate benefit and are rallying and having fun in a short time!

Beginning players ages 11+ will start with a standard tennis ball (yellow) and court size.

It is not a race to the yellow ball, players can master stroke technique, footwork, placement, and strategy with every single ball!

Our expert coaches will assess your children to the correct level regarding the coordination, athleticism and playing experience. For example, a 6 years old kid who is talented and play few times a week can play at 7 years old with orange balls.

Please feel free to ask us which color ball your child should use.

Our junior and adult classes

We teach all ages (from 3 years upward) and all levels (from beginners to competition players).

Private and Semi private lessons

The best way to learn and improve faster the technique and the tennis level.  Recommended for all levels and ages. Please contact us for more information.


Group lessons

From 3 to 6 players, we use many drills to improve your level in a fun and dynamic way!
Tennis group lessons is also a good way to meet people and make new friends throughout workout.

Mini tennis

From 3 years old, the class is a perfect way to build your child'coordination and their confidence using a racket in a fun, social, and safe environment.



We have kid camps every school holidays all year around.
They will hit a ton of balls, meet new friends and laugh a lot! They will leave camp with a new understanding of the game and greater self-confidence.

Here are our lesson fees for the season 2023/2024

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